We help clinics, doctors and pharmacies with social media and digital marketing to reach the 100 million internet users that currently exist in Nigeria.

We know how to leverage social media for the improvement of health care business prospects and help particularly in three areas:

  • Client acquisition
  • Client retention
  • Client satisfaction

This is done within the bounds of the ethics of the profession, using novel digital tools and our unique healthcare expertise and experience. We help increase your visibility, get more clients through the door and increase your revenue.

Our services include:

  • Website design
  • Social media and digital marketing plan
  • Social media account creation and management – facebook, twitter, google plus etc
  • Engaging with clients online
  • Article and content creation, promotion and marketing
  • SMS marketing and engagement

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We work with you to create a specific goal of the number of clients that our services can bring you. We have achieved excellent results and would be delighted to help you use digital media to delight clients and increase revenue.

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