Free offer for pharmacists

Well done on the great work you do dear pharmacist. To help you, we are giving away free access to our ‘Wella Health engage’, a secure internet based platform that helps pharmacists: Record Patients Medications in less than a minute Have an always available record for patients so you don’t…

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Meet the people where they’re at

Over the last year of trying to innovate and bring digital health technology to the people of Nigeria. We have come to realize that for a health innovation to really take root, it needs to meet people at their most convenient location. For accessing health care in Nigeria this convenient…

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We are here

  We are health tech, also known as Wella Health. You will find us using both interchangably. We use technology to improve health care in Africa. We are based in Abuja, Nigeria with global ambitions. View our people and our vision on our frontpage. Subscribe to our blog to get thoughts…

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