Are Nigerian pharmacists practicing below their capacities


To become a pharmacist, one must undergo a competitive selection  process. This process will more often than not, select individuals that are on average, more intelligent and studious than the average population. After this selection process, the individual then undergoes years of training and practice before finally being allowed to interact independently with the public.

At the stage of independent practice,  the pharmacist has gained a trove of knowledge on a vast number of drugs, their uses and their effects on the human body among other things.  This depth of knowledge on medications is largely unrivaled by any other profession. As a result the pharmacist takes the pride of place as the custodian of ‘poisons’ in society, the referral point for the general public on what to ingest to preserve and prolong health and well being.

It has however become most alarming in recent times that the pharmacist’s role has been relegated to that of a mere dispenser or less euphemistically – a shop attendant. While there are several reasons for this development, one cannot look past the practice of some pharmacists. I was told recently of a pharmacist who didn’t ask his clients too many questions for fear that his patients who may know more than him, find him lacking in knowledge.  Also stories abound of pharmacists putting business interests above the well being of their patients.

This diminished role of the undoubtedly skilled pharmacist is most discouraging and unsafe for the general public. The onus is on every pharmacist to step up and put excellent pharmaceutical care as foremost in their practice. Endeavor to do the following:

– Update your knowledge regularly

– Always ask your patients questions 

– Educate your patients

– Give evidence based advise

– Keep track of the care you provide

– Follow up with patients and seek ways to keep them engaged

When you are able to provide engaging, quality, personable care, your patients will return to you again and again and refer their friends and families to you. This will increase your income and grow your business. There is no doubt that when you put patients interest first, your pharmacy will be the envy of many.


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